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Choosing Microblading Columbus for your cosmetic enhancement journey goes beyond achieving stunning results; it’s about choosing  a place where informed decisions and exceptional care are at the forefront. Our extensive client resources are crafted to empower you with knowledge across all our services, from eyebrow artistry to full facial treatments. In this dedicated section, you’ll discover comprehensive guides covering everything from preparing for your appointment to maintaining the beauty of your results, ensuring you feel confident and well-informed at every stage.

Booking Your Appointment:
Simple Steps for a Seamless Experience

Booking your appointment at Microblading Columbus is your first step towards achieving the eyebrows you’ve always dreamed of. To ensure a seamless experience, follow these simple steps:

  1. Book Your Microblading and Perfection Sessions Together: When scheduling your initial Microblading appointment, remember to simultaneously book your complimentary Perfection Session, ideally 6-10 weeks after your first visit. This is crucial for optimal results and is the client’s responsibility. Delaying beyond ten weeks may incur a $150 charge.
  2. Pre-Appointment Preparations: For an ideal shape, wax your brows at least three days before the procedure. If you tint your brows, do it a week before your appointment. Schedule any cosmetic treatments like Botox or fillers at least two weeks before.
  3. Avoid Certain Substances: Refrain from alcohol, caffeine, and blood thinners (aspirin, ibuprofen) 48 hours before your session. Avoid workouts on the day of your procedure to minimize bleeding.
  4. Skin Care Considerations: Ensure no blemishes, sores, or moles are present in the brow area. Stop using skin thinners like Vitamin A and glycolic acids two weeks ahead. Discontinue Fish Oil and Vitamin E one week prior as they are natural blood thinners.
  5. On the Day of Your Appointment: Come with your brows styled as you usually wear them to guide the design process. For chemotherapy clients, ensure a 6-month gap post-treatment before microblading.
  6. Consultation and Procedure: Allocate around 2 hours for your visit. The consultation includes mapping out a brow design tailored to your facial features, which you’ll approve before the microblading begins. Expect some minimal redness, similar to a mild sunburn, which typically subsides within 1-2 hours.

What to Expect: Your Microblading Journey Explained

Your Microblading Journey at Microblading Columbus begins with essential preparation. Abstain from alcohol, caffeine, and ibuprofen for 48 hours before ensuring optimal pigment retention. On the day of your appointment, plan to spend about 2 hours with us. During your consultation, Kristyn, will craft a brow design that complements your natural features and aligns with your personal style. Once you approve the design, the microblading process begins.

Post-procedure, expect slight redness around the brows, akin to a mild sunburn, lasting 1-2 hours. This won’t hinder your ability to return to work or daily activities. Initially, your brows will appear distinctively crisp and darker, but as they heal, they’ll soften, revealing more natural and refined results. This transformative journey is tailored to ensure you leave with brows that are beautiful and uniquely yours.

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Microblading Aftercare: Ensuring Perfect Results

Aftercare following your microblading procedure at Microblading Columbus is vital for achieving perfect results. For the initial 14 days, adherence to these guidelines is essential:

    1. Immediate Care: For the first-hour post-procedure, gently dab your brows every 15-20 minutes using a water wipe to remove any lymph.
    2. Daily Routine (Days 1-14): Twice daily, wash your brows gently with a cotton swab, mild soap, and water. Apply a thin layer of aftercare ointment with a cotton swab.
    3. Avoid the following for 14 Days:
      • UV exposure, including sunny vacations, tanning booths, and laser light therapy.
      • Direct water on brows, creams, vaseline, Neosporin, makeup, and heavy cleansers.
      • Activities like exercising, sauna, pools, steam rooms, facials, and skin treatments.
      • Avoid Retinol, AHA’s, and exfoliants near the brows.
    4. Healing Expectations: Your brows will initially appear darker and more defined. Scabbing, itching, or flakiness may occur. Do not pick at the scabs; let them fall off naturally. Post-scabbing, brows might appear faint, but this will clarify over a few weeks.

Remember, the microblading process is a two-step journey, often requiring a follow-up session for perfect results. Skin types vary, and not everyone heals the same way; some may require additional sessions. Long-term care includes using SPF 30 to protect brows and avoiding chemical exfoliants or peels to maintain color. Kristyn is booked 2-4 months in advance, so plan your touch-ups and perfection sessions accordingly.

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Lip Blushing Aftercare: Preserving Your Enhanced Beauty

Post-procedure care for lip blushing is essential for preserving your enhanced beauty. Important aftercare tips include:

  • Immediate Appearance: Lips will look dark and bright initially, softening to a natural tint as they heal.
  • Exercise: Avoid for at least five days post-procedure.
  • Daily Care (From Day 1): Use sterile water and cotton gauze for cleaning. Keep lips constantly moisturized with Aquaphor or A+D ointment.
  • Peeling Phase (Around Day 4): Lips may feel dry and chapped. Continue moisturizing.
  • Color Development: Post-scab, lips might seem ‘frosty.’ Color gradually returns over 28 days.
  • Healing Dos and Don’ts: Don’t pick or peel scabs. No makeup until fully healed.
  • Eating and Drinking: Avoid spicy foods and direct contact with food/drink for two days. Use a straw.
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