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At Microblading Columbus, we elevate your beauty experience with artistry and precision. Our studio offers a diverse range of premium services designed to enhance your natural allure. We use the latest techniques and high-quality materials, all within a serene and hygienic environment, to deliver beautiful and enduring results.

Embrace the journey of transformation with us, where your beauty aspirations become our dedicated mission — give us a call today.

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We specialize in the art of Microblading, a refined technique of cosmetic tattooing that creates natural-looking, fuller brows. This method, also known as micro-pigmentation or feather brows, involves a manual process using a sterile disposable blade. This blade precisely deposits pigment into the skin’s top layers, crafting fine, hair-like strokes that mimic the appearance of natural eyebrow hairs. Brow shaping and shading is our specialty, and we take pride in ensuring that each stroke complements your facial features.

Permanent Makeup

At Microblading Columbus, our Permanent Makeup services are designed to enhance and simplify your daily beauty routine. This innovative approach to makeup involves delicately implanting natural pigments into the skin, highlighting your natural beauty and providing a durable solution for maintaining a polished appearance.

Permanent Makeup offers many benefits, including time-saving convenience and consistent appearance. Whether you desire subtly defined lips, elegantly enhanced eyes, or beautifully shaped eyebrows, Permanent Makeup can help you achieve a variety of looks.

Lash Line Enhancement

Elevate your eyes to new heights with Lash Line Enhancement. This treatment involves carefully applying pigment along the lash line, creating the illusion of fuller, more defined lashes. By adding this subtle definition to your lash line, your eyes will have a natural yet striking appearance. 

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Our Semi-Permanent Eyeliner offers a range of styles, from subtle to bold, designed to enhance your natural eye shape and beauty. Each eyeliner style is customized to your unique eye shape, ensuring a flattering and personal look.

Whether you prefer a delicate, thin line for a natural enhancement or a thicker wing for a more dramatic effect, we can create your desired look. This service is ideal for those seeking a low-maintenance solution to achieve consistently beautiful and expressive eyes.

Lip Blushing

Lip Blushing is a cosmetic service that adds color and definition to your lips. This technique implants pigment into your lips, enhancing their natural shape and color. The Lip Blushing process is meticulously tailored to suit your preferences, offering a range of hues that complement your natural lip color. Its longevity means you can enjoy your enhanced lips with minimal maintenance required.

Freckles and Beauty Marks

Embrace the charm of Freckles and Beauty Marks at Microblading Columbus. We expertly create cosmetic Freckles and Beauty Marks that look natural and add a unique aspect to your appearance. Our technique involves precise pigment placement, allowing for various customized designs that match your desired look. Whether you seek a sun-kissed effect or a signature beauty mark, we ensure results that enhance your features subtly and naturally.

Saline Tattoo Removal on Permanent Makeup

Microblading Columbus offers professional saline tattoo removal, a safe and effective method to fade away unwanted Permanent Makeup. Saline removal is gentler than laser methods, minimizing skin trauma and suitable for all skin types. During and after the process, we provide comprehensive guidance to ensure optimal healing and results, making it a preferred choice for Permanent Makeup removal.