Unleash the Beauty of Your Eyes
with Lash Line Enhancement and Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Embark on a journey to effortless beauty with Microblading Columbus’ Lash Line Enhancement and Semi-Permanent Eyeliner services. We expertly craft a fuller, more defined look that brightens and accentuates your eyes, whether it’s through eyelash enhancement or Semi-Permanent Eyeliner. Embrace the elegance of subtle yet impactful changes designed to highlight your natural beauty.

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What Is
Lash Line Enhancement?

Lash Line Enhancement is not just a beauty trend; it’s a celebration of subtle yet significant elegance. The procedure involves delicately applying a line in the lash line.

Unlike traditional eyeliner, which can be bold and pronounced, our approach to Lash Line Enhancement focuses on a more understated look. Pigment is meticulously inserted between the lashes. Our artists create an illusion of fuller and darker lashes. This technique enhances your natural beauty without the overt drama of standard eyeliner, making it an ideal choice for those who want a more refined look.

Lash Line Enhancement & Eyeliner Instructions

Pre- and Post-Appointment Instructions

As you prepare for your lash line enhancement journey, specific steps are essential for the best results.

Pre-Appointment Instructions

Please arrive with clean, washed face.

Please remove all eyelashes & extensions at least 3 days prior.

Avoid all alcohol 24 hours before procedure.

Avoid all caffeinated beveratges 24 hours before procedure.

Avoid botox/fillers to upper face at leat 1 month prior.

Take anti-viral medication a week before if prone to cold sores.

Stay well hydrated before your procedure.

No facial cosmetic procedures 7-10 days before treatment

We look forward to seeing you!

Post-Appointment Care

Keep lash area dry as possible for first 3 days. Avoid getting lash area wet for 2 weeks after treatment

Keep lash area clean by gently patting with clean damp pad when needed

Gently apply aftercare ointment with Q-tip 2-4 times daily

Do not touch, rub or pick at lash area

No makeup until lash area is completely healed

No false eyelashes, extensions or curling lashes for 2 weeks

Avoid sun exposure for 2 weeks after procedure

Sleep face up on clean pillowcase for firt few days

Reschedule touch-up treatment in 6-8 weeks

What Is
Semi-Permanent Eyeliner?

At Microblading Columbus, we take pride in offering Semi-Permanent Eyeliner, which offers a blend of durability and natural elegance. This innovative service delicately applies specialized pigment in and above the lash line, creating a lasting effect that accentuates your eyes without the daily hassle of traditional makeup application.

Our Semi-Permanent Eyeliner stands apart from conventional eyeliner and Permanent Makeup. Its ensures a more natural look, offering flexibility in style and intensity. The procedure is less invasive, and the long-lasting results are not permanent, providing a balance between durability and adaptability.

Why Choose Semi-Permanent Eyeliner?

Semi-permanent eyeliner is a powerful solution for a wide range of individuals. Whether you’re navigating a hectic schedule, facing challenges with vision, or seeking a steadier alternative to traditional makeup, this service offers an ideal solution.

Time Saver

Our Semi-Permanent Eyeliner is more than just a beauty treatment—it's a lifestyle solution. Crafted especially for our clients who juggle back-to-back commitments yet still value a polished appearance without the hassle of daily makeup application.

Enhancing Natural Beauty

Our Semi-Permanent Eyeliner is the ideal choice for those who want to subtly enhance their eyes. Meticulously applied by our artists, this treatment is all about enchnacing your innate, natural beauty.

Your Eyes are Beautiful.
Your Path to Stunning Eyes

Embark on a transformative beauty experience with Lash Line Enhancement and Semi-Permanent Makeup at Microblading Columbus. We are dedicated to crafting that perfect, eye-defining look tailored just for you.

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